Welcome to Thiruvananthapuram!

We’ve made it to Thiruvananthapuram (or Trivandrum) after 24hrs of travelling!  Our flights were thankfully uneventful, though a little too much turbulance for my liking on the first leg but if close my eyes and imagine we’re going over London’s potholes, then it’s a little less alarming!  Being in a aeroplane is a mixture of amazing and absolute craziness!  How such a huge lump of metal makes it into the sky is a physics lesson beyond me but being able to see the world from such a height is breathtaking and the clouds look so solid, I’m seduced into thinking I might just be able to stand on them but then the pilot announces that we’re flying at 32,000 feet, roughly 11 kms above the ground and I wonder what the hell I’m doing up there and the futility of my seat belt is all too clear!

So here we are in Trivandrum, in the South Western corner of India, hot, sticky and very tired.  We’ve ventured out for our first cup of chai and a banana fritter at a bargain price of 40 pence for both of us! I think we’ve earned a afternoon nap now!

Chai time!

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