Last sleep before take off!

Our backpacks are packed, actually there are a few last bits and pieces still to be squashed and squeezed into every nook and cranny… including my malaria tablets! Definitely need those! As I sit here, listening to the gentle tick tock of the mantel piece clock, it feels like Christmas Eve. When I was little, I remember feeling so excited on Christmas Eve, that I didn’t want to go to sleep, though equally knowing the sooner I slept, the quicker Chrismas day would arrive! So here I am, in this place ‘between’ where I so often find myself, being pulled in opposite directions.  Part of me wants tomorrow to come quickly, to start our adventure but the other part of me is sad to be away from my Dad for so long. Luckily, my Dad, at the grand age of 84 is very computer literate, with email, a Facebook page, Skype account and an IPad, so staying touch will be as easy as it is from London, but nothing beats being able to give him a great big hug, sharing dinner together, sharing a joke and just spending time together. I will miss sharing hugs, time and space with all my friends but especially with my wonderful Dad! So, as the clock ticks on, it seems the pull to sleep is drawing ever closer, so it’s time to say goodnight and let tomorrow arrive.

2 thoughts on “Last sleep before take off!

  1. Well you fortunate people, today is the day you start your mammoth travels. Will miss you while you are both away. Enjoy the whole experience, I’m sure you will.
    where do I send postcards/ birthday cards to?
    I’ll keep a daily vigil on Pa.
    Take care both of you……lots of love…..Kit xx


    1. Hi Kit, I think you’ll have to go digital on the post card and birthday card front, though as I said the other day, I might just send you a real post card, though I haven’t seen any yet! Thanks for keeping in touch with Dad, that’s the beauty of technology, we ‘facetimed’ yesterday! Ha ha, Take care xx


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