Travel, travel, travel

I’ve met countless people who’ve said to us, ‘oh I’d love to go travelling but…’ and they insert a multitude of reasons why they can’t, won’t, are too fearful, too skint, too stuck in their ways to put the effort in to having an adventure of a lifetime, so here’s my top five reasons for getting out there and experiencing the world!

1. It’s fun!  You’ll have so much fun and the sense of freedom you’ll have from opting out of your everyday life will give you a sense of liberation that you won’t find in many other places.

2.  You’ll meet new people – You’ll meet some really interesting people who you wouldn’t have met in your ordinary daily life and some of those people will have amazing stories to tell which will enrich you and you may even make new friends.

3.  You’ll learn stuff – You’ll learn so much about the world, the different people who live here, about different cultures, different food, even simple things like how to cross the road in a different country can be a new skill to be mastered! Most importantly, you’ll learn things about yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses and everything in between!

4. You’ll have great stories to tell – Once you’re back home, you’ll have some amazing adventures to share with people which will hopefully inspire them to travel and you’ll look back and be pleased you did more with your life than stick with the 9 – 5 job!

5. New opportunities will open up to you – as you travel around, you may discover great social causes to get involved with, volunteering opportunities or even paid positions that mean you can earn and travel at the same time, so expand your horizons beyond your four walls and embrace all that the world has to offer!

Start packing!

4 thoughts on “Travel, travel, travel

  1. Wish I could see you both before you leave, getting ready for Scotland on Friday for two weeks. Take care the both of you. send us a postcard…will follow your wanderings with interest …..lots of love, Kit & Caroline… bring me back some gem stones…woo hoo


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